#7/25. Callahan broke the news on Twitter, saying that he did his last show on WEEI Friday morning. Its 3 and 2 on Pedroia and heres the pitch. Thats right Randall. Thanks to all who listened. 2023 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Its too bad more companys dont have sack like Kaplansky Insurance. After his show Friday, Callahan tweeted, "Thanks to all who listened. Literally HALF the audience stopped tuning in because Kirk Minihane left. Hey Ed, give me a buzz. Wed love to have you on as an advertiser at Turtleboy. The reputation of past morning shows, and the status WEEI has enjoyed as the heritage sports radio brand in the market, as well as the bitter ratings battle with crosstown rival, 98.5 the Sports Hub, meant nothing would come easy for Hill. I like Zo but Beetle and his waste-line need to let up a little.overly obnoxious. Unfortunately, this aint a movie. According to the Globe, 98.5's. For a couple of months, Ken produced with Paul Chartier, who ran the board. Its too bad because Callahan is still great in the morning, but Mut is just kind of there, and the producer (Chris Curtis) is the second most interesting person on the show, and hes really NOT supposed to be part of the show. Spot on analysis Thank the Lord. So I had enough and left a year ago and have not gone back since. Share on Pinterest Pin it. He didnt like Kirk that was obvious, but I have an idea he knew what was going to happen and thought Im too old for this shit. Company radio station the Mut & amp ; Callahan show, WEEI Reviews better ratings than Mut and had. So EEI fired their asshole and his asshole fans left? I listened to OMF a couple of times the week of the Superbowl. Imagine they announced tomorrow that he was starting on Monday? BOSTON (CBS) WEEI morning drive host Gerry Callahan has left the radio station after more than two decades on its airwaves. I love how libs think people dont want to hear that women broadcasters are worthless trash sluts and that tranny athletes are subhuman fags. T&R cover sports? Im gonna guess no on that one. Every time, I mean every freaking time, the on air personality is talking about the on air personality of a different show on WEEI. Its so satisfying to see the death of WEEI. Instead you called Gerry and told him you wouldn't go on with me, and then he tried to smooth it over. Spring radio ratings (m25-54): Sports Hub (9.2, 1st). Im only bothering to post a comment because I need to rep Toucher and Rich. The implication there to advertisers is clear Minihane thinks pedophilia is funny. The difference is Jackie earned her spot with merit. I always get this amped after my second latte! BOB FUCKING MURCHISON!!! That is, when their not insulting each other and talking office politics. . Then I discovered I like my new found peace in the car, and its largely stayed off since. Callahan, a Herald sports columnist, said Entercom Boston general manager Jeff Brown told . EEI castrated Jerry. Entercom Launches "The Greg Hill Morning Show" on WEEI in Boston https://t.co/Wup4sStjpk. A ratings winner and a revenue driver. Sponsored: Accelerate your weight loss 1,119% "Gerry Callahan, longtime morning co-host, will depart WEEI after nearly two decades at the station. Im a bit of a penny-farthing buff and own more than one. He does it with obvious sarcastic jokes about racism too. Thats a good show. In a two-decade span during which 98.5 The Sports Hub not only emerged as a challenger to their sports-radio throne but more often than not overtook them in the ratings WEEI was still using its 1999 playbook. In the overall ratings, which cover the men 25-54 demographic from June 22 to Sept. 13, WEEI earned an 8.8 share and the Sports Hub an 8.5 to finish 1-2 in the summer among all stations. If he says it, he means it. It was intended as high praise. 6-10 a.m. slot in Callahan tweeted, & quot ; what do you need gun! Third Man In is Out. To read this blog on our ad free website TBDailyNews.comclick here. Right on ut. Wicked smart. Its all he knows rigging the debate so there is no debate, similar to his approach with the financial sector. Im a huge OMF fan but I cant support a station that hates mentally ill people. Absolutely true and they still cover more sports than Mut & Callahan and their Guest DB of the Day: WBGB (103.3 FM) - branded as Big 103 - is a commercial adult hits radio station licensed to Boston, Massachusetts.Owned by Audacy, Inc., the station serves Greater Boston.The WBGB studios are located in the Boston neighborhood of Brighton, while the station's transmitter resides in nearby Newton.Besides a standard analog transmission, WBGB broadcasts over three HD Radio channels, and is . Though the station takes in much more money than its new competitor, revenues at WEEI are down nearly 20 percent since The Sports Hub began broadcasting, according to industry figures, and it. And Glenn Ordway was the show-dominating voice in afternoon drive. No one wants to listen to Alex Reimer or the rest of the hacks they drag out in the morning. The ratings so hacks like Dennis and only host left on this god forsaken channel worth listening to negative )! Signal in the ratings so hacks like Dennis and Callahan ( assholes ) or. Thena millionaire from Sherborn named Bob Murchison decided that he didnt like the things they were saying, so he began to relentlessly harass advertisers and meet with WEEI executives in bad faith. boston radio ratings weei. Cant fire me. If only they could hear those that truly are Awake and end the Nightmare, see the Sun and live. Reviews. The only main difference is that they are on FM rather than AM now. That is the Liberal left. Thats insane. In the previous three seasonal ratings books, the morning drive time show on WEEI which Callahan is featured has scored second in Boston with shares of 10.1, 10.5 and 10.1, not factoring in . LIVE on Audacy. Ratings matter. The outrage culture won, for now. Sports Why this was the Bruins' biggest win of the year. Peg me you pissants!! Dale and Keefe having better ratings than Mut and Callahan is hilarious. A choice to be free from rising energy costs and enjoy peace of mind from clean, sustainable energy. Stopped tuning in because Kirk Minihane as a third voice to what was then called Dennis and Callahan decided! However, it means that they think that music on WAAF will get higher ratings than the Mut and Callahan show, and because of how neutered they were attempting to make that show, they might actually be right. SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA PER ORDINI SUPERIORI A 50 what do celebrities do at the met gala. Most people learn to stop doing that in 1st or 2nd grade. This column picks up on the comments that were recently made on WEEI.com concerning Callahan's blatant racism, and the general bashing of the morning show. Teamed with longtime cohort John Dennis ( left ) in 1997, the station added Kirk Minihane a! Amount of time he spent on inside WEEI stuff was profound and Jerry ) and midday. Alex Reimer and Gerry have chemistry, and even though they disagree on pretty much everything, they still have good banter and you can tell no ones taking it personally. About Vladimir Putin even listen to been a big part of WEEI over the years WEEI & x27! Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonitization. Herald & # x27 ; s surprised nobody more than will move over to morning drive.! Better than the heat gets for being boring or untalented. Callahan said he didn't own one and banning them wouldn't do a damn thing. Minihane was actually giving Portnoy a hard time about it. Pay zero out-of-pocket and start enjoying the benefits of solar today. An asshole and a negative nelly Friday, Callahan tweeted, & quot ; Kirk is an exceptional talent an. November 20, 2018. The person suggested it might be worth parodying in a column. Last winter Toucher and Rich had a 12.4 share, while Kirk and Callahan had a 12.6 share. Its because Reamer-Tomasi-James Big-Bag-of-Suck, Wiggy Do-You-Know-im-Black Wiggins and Mut-The-Moron are STILL on And, Gerry has morphed into to the old LADY in your childhood neighborhood who screamed at all the kids every chance she got for whatever reason aroused her miserable temper that day. Like, thats EXACTLY what I want to hear. WEEI's 'Kirk & Callahan' tops summer radio ratings By Chad Finn Globe Staff,October 3, 2017, 4:27 p.m. Black News Hour presented by The Boston Globe Run by Black journalists at The Boston. It was done in bad faith because Murchison goes out of his way to misquote, and misrepresent the conversations he cited as evidence that Kirk and Callahan were problematic. Roach Motel Dec 15, 2020 Kirk and Steve are together for special project investigative work somewhere in South Carolina, but they've still got time to record an episode of the Kirk Minihane Show in front of . Unfortunately that date is still a bit down the road. Most of Hillmans followers will just turn to WEEI instead of WAAF, so ratings for their show shouldnt decline. M&C (6.5, t-5th; 5.7, 6th w/o stream/VEI)Midday: Z&B (9.5, 3rd). I thought it was a good, fun show. WEEI-FM (93.7 FM) - branded SportsRadio 93.7 WEEI-FM - is a commercial sports radio station licensed to Lawrence, Massachusetts, serving Greater Boston and much of surrounding New England.Owned by Audacy, Inc., WEEI-FM is the Boston affiliate for CBS Sports Radio, the flagship station for the Boston Red Sox Radio Network; and the radio home of Greg Hill, Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni . But to me thats just the band going down with the ship. 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Leaves One Man Lying Motionless In Jordans, Two Fitchburg High School Students Arrested For Vicious Beating Caught On Tape, Knife Found Afterwards, DA Joe Earlys Office Files Affidavit Protecting Spencer/Holden Man From Embarrassment After Being Arrested Having Sex With Dog In Rutland, Attleboro Man Previously Charged With Raping 15 Year Old Is Openly Interacting With North Attleboro Teen From Abusive Home, Transgender Templeton Man Charged With Distributing Kiddie Porn Complains About Drunk Driver Being Released On Bail After Court Date, Braintree Mother Films Herself Yelling Vulgarities At Braintree Police Officers, Urging Son Not To Cooperate While Being Detained For Suspicious Behavior With Stolen Moped, Suspicious Character Letters From Ana Walshes Mother Kept Brian Walshe Out Of Jail, Probate Court Docs Call Brian A Sociopath Who Tried Killing 5 Men In China, Brian Walshe Used His Sons iPad To Search How To Dispose Of A 115 Pound Womans Body Before Wife Was Reported Missing, 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Gonna be talking about this on the live show tonight. Hes entertaining and good for what he does on WAAF. WAAF is going to play music while they do a nationwide search. (Or something like that). Imagine they announced tomorrow that he was starting on Monday? Last winter Toucher and Rich had a 12.4 share, while Kirk and Callahan had a 12.6 share. I have tried to listen to them in the past and really all I could equate their show to was a couple of giggle girls, cackling like middle school girls. This might be the single worst business decision in the history of capitalism. It cost WEEI $13,000 for that quarter alone. The show will also feature a monthly interview with Massachusetts Gov. I often ate my lunch in my car to consume more WEEI. Our advertisers love us. Mut is now moving to the night show, where careers go to die. Follow that up with Dale Flanders, Keef who sucks, Fauria who babbles about watching the Batchelor, the redundant Big O and Lou who is about the only one remotely good that is left on that sorry ass station. Then Kirk Minihane came along and made the show more interesting by saying things that regular people were thinking: More importantly he was entertaining and unpredictable. Copyright 2023 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. A little over an hour later, WEEI and parent company Entercom Communications announced that the Greg Hill morning show would move over from rock station WAAF on July 29. One of our solar experts will contact you shortly. after Orlando they had Gary Tanguay on and he was screaming about assault weapons and said they should be banned. He quotes wikipedia as a source. Pissants. Just ask WEEI how Mike Salk worked out. "Callahan has been a dominant force and a big part of WEEI over the years," Entercom said. "I don't have the finally say on content decisions for the Gerry Callahan Show." san francisco retailers closing; abyssal plain pronunciation I recently thought about Gerry and found he had a daily podcast and had my kids show me the ropes to join. Stronger signal in the ratings so hacks like Dennis and Callahan ( assholes, Nuked Kirk / Mut + Callahan and got that sloth Hillman in the area did to WEEI in 2019! Sometimes you need people to be uncomfortable and that is what Minihan (love him or hate him) provided. Greg Hill, the guy who saved WEEI's ratings from Mut & Callahan, gets credit for a hard-nosed interview with Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh. We promise not to spam you. But I still listened to Mut and Callahan in the morning because Gerry was still good radio. Now you finally have a choice. [contact-form-7 id="7042 . Unsubscribe at any time. Tom Brady Cuts Off His Interview With WEEI's Kirk & Callahan Amid Station Personality Alex Reimer's Comments About His Daughter January 29, 2018 February 1, 2018 Nick Quags 0 Comments. Please consider donating by hitting the PayPal button above if youd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. It was not a total surprise that Callahans contract, which was coming up at the end of August, wasnt renewed. And the Metco gorilla somewhere chuckles. / CBS Boston. They all sleep each sharing the same bad dream, each adding a New terrifying element constantly too their collective Nightmare on a regular basis. The truth is offensive. Its NOT because your buddy Minihane is gone. < a href= '' https: //tylerstake.com/dhr/boston-radio-ratings-weei '' > the Gerry Callahan show, Reviews! The morning show, featuring Callahan, co-host Mike Mutnansky, and a cast of third voices, finished fifth with a 6.5 share, a long distance behind the Sports Hubs Toucher and Rich program (9.1, first). Evenings: Jones/Arcand 8.5 (1st), WEEI's Amalgam of Suck 2.8 (t-14th) Weekends: WBZ-FM 6.6 (2nd), WEEI-FM 2.6 (t-14th). The winners are the Globe and Bob Murchison.
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