General News is an interactive metabrowser which substitutes in real-time the words on websites. The substitutions may be synonym, abstract or more specific than the original expressions. By these variations new descriptions of the world and descriptions of "new" worlds are created.

With a slider the user may change the level of abstraction of a text and may investigate the emerging possibility spaces around a text.

  • Synonyms preserve the original meaning more or less and indicate the variety of linguistic expressions.
  • Abstractions (hypernyms) allow generalizations and possibly open a "big picture". In the extreme they trivialize the content...
  • Specifications (hyponyms) create similar but alternative worlds to the original text.
The systems relies on an electronic lexicon (WordNet from Princeton University), which contains the various kinds of words, such as synonyms, hyper- and hyponyms. These entries are displayed in the “Detail” Mode. GeneralNews also analyzes the “average level of abstraction” for each original text and indicates the value of the scale.

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